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The form for filling the uniform register of domestic commodity producers and domestic suppliers of works and services

1. The contact information:

Full name

The brief name

The legal (post) address, index

The actual address

The phone



The Internet - address

the Head

The name of a post

The contact person, , a post

2. Legal and bank essential elements:

The subject of business (small, average or large)

Number and date of registration / of a re-registration

and the address of bank or his(its) branch

3. The information on activity and production of the company:

Actual age of the company, years

Sphere of activity of the company

Quantity(amount) of regular employees

The description of let out production or rendered

Presence of industrial base, premise(room), the equipment, lines and machines (on the property right to the right of rent), the address

Technological advantages

Innovations, patents, certificates, , THAT

Competitive advantages

The basic competitors making the similar goods or rendering similar works and services

Presence of regional representations, the service centres

Sources of maintenance with raw material, the materials completing (suppliers, contracts of delivery)

The information on introduction of system of a quality management according to requirements of state standards ( the certificate of conformity)

Files for :
The uniform register of the domestic supplier of services  (Edinyjj-reestr-otechestvennogo-postavshhika-uslug.doc, 74 )
The application for the certificate - the supplier  (Zajavka-na-svidetel'stvo-otech-go-postavshhika.doc, 27 )
The letter - offer  (Pis'mo-predlozhenie.doc, 98 )
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