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CCI of Almaty city membership
      Commercial and industrial chamber of the city of Almaty - not state noncommercial organization based on voluntary membership, uniting legal persons and individual businessmen of Republic Kazakhstan, and also their associations (unions) for realization of the purposes and the problems{tasks} determined by the Law of Republic Kazakhstan « About commercial and industrial chambers ». Work of our Chamber is under construction on the basis of constant perfection of given services, expansion of a spectrum of new directions of activity and their active development for full satisfaction of business needs{requirements} of the members.
      Being a member Commercial and industrial chamber Almaty, you receive trust of domestic and international partners, the help in dialogue with legislative and executive authority, have an opportunity to use highly skilled experts in the field of the external economic attitudes{relations}, consultation in questions of conducting civilized business.
      the Commercial and industrial chamber of the city of Almaty gives a number{line} of services, some of which to members of Chamber appear on account of the paid membership dues or on a preferential basis (the Appendix with tariffs for services).
      the Commercial and industrial chamber Almaty is a member of Republic Kazakhstan TPP which is the full member of the International chamber of commerce uniting national commercial and industrial chambers more of 130 countries; the Member of Advice{Council} of heads of commercial and industrial chambers of the states of participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States; Member ЭКО - the chamber uniting chambers of 10 Asian states; the Member of the Islamic Commercial and industrial chamber uniting more of 50 commercial and industrial chambers of countries - members of the Organization of Islamic Conference; ТПП РК heads two business Advice{Councils}: Казахстанско-turkish and Казахстанско-Indian; Representations in the European countries, the countries Central and the East Europe Are open. all this defines{determines} potential of commercial and industrial chambers in development of the international cooperation and assistance to development of business.
      to enter in members ТПП of Almaty to you it is necessary to fill in the authorized form of the application, to write the letter on the organization, the enterprise, establishment, and also to bring in introductory and member payments.

      Rates of entrance fees of members of Commercial and industrial chamber of mountains. Almaty:
  • For individual businessmen - 3000 tenges;
  • For subjects of small business - 5000 tenges;
  • For subjects of average business - 15000 tenges;
  • For subjects of large business - 35000 tenges.
      Rates of member (annual) payments:
  • For individual businessmen - 6000 tenges;
  • For subjects of small business - 10000 tenges;
  • For subjects of average business - 30000 tenges;
  • For subjects of large business - 70000 tenges.
Yours faithfully,

Chairman of presidium
ТПП Almaty

Files for скачивания:
The application for reception in members  (zajavka_na_priem_v_chleny.doc, 36 Кб)
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